Mobile Phone Boon Or Curse

Welcome Back Guys.

As you can see in the title, i think you can get the rough idea of what we are going to talk about. So the mobile phone is either boon or curse? As per me it’s upon us, that either we are making it a boon or curse. So today i am going to write some points on how the mobile phones are boon or curse. So don’t stay back, and comment what you think, how the mobile phone are boon or curse? So without further ado let’s get started.

So first of all, why the mobile phone is curse to humanity?

So here are some points why it is a curse to humanity.

  1. Mobile phone is been getting as medium of distraction day by day.
  2. Child are focusing more and more on mobile then their career.
  3. As due to mobile phones people have forgotten about how to talk with others.
  4. Child likes to be on mobile more than playing outside.
  5. Majority of population spends their time on liking someone else posts.
  6. People are getting involved more in mobile gaming then the outdoor games.
  7. Usage of social media have increased the jealousy among people.
  8. Underage kids are getting involved with adult sites.
  9. Mobile phones has killed the productivity of major population.
  10. Humans are trying to find pleasure on mobile phones, rather then in real life.
  11. Use of mobile phones is killing the brain active capacity.
  12. People are trying to find the emotion on internet then in the real life.
  13. People are not getting the peace of mind due to the excessive usage of mobile phones.

So their are many more curses which has affected the human life, and described one are the few reason of many.

Now let’s find, Why the mobile phone is boon to humanity.

  1. If you can use mobile phones in a better way, it can generate business for you.
  2. Mobile phones can become the best way of education for kids.
  3. Their are many different type of businesses which you do to get money.
  4. If you involved in playing games, then you can earn money through live streaming the game.
  5. You can get in the contact with many person’s who doesn’t even know you.
  6. You can contact person outside your region to generate and flourish business.
  7. You can save your time by completing the work through phones.
  8. You can use mobile phone to generate more income and more brand awareness.

And the list goes on and on, the described one’s are the only few benefits out of many.

So as a conclusion, it’s upon us how we use & for what purpose we use the mobile phones. If we do the things which will just waste our time, then its definitely a curse to humanity. But if we use it for some productive purpose then it’s definitely a boon to humanity. So either we make it a curse or boon, it’s all depend on us. The mobile companies are generating income, which as a business they should be doing. Now it’s upon us that either we are fool who makes the mobile phone a curse or we are the genius who make the mobile phone a boon.

-Vivek Maheshwari

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