3 Tips Before You Start Your Photography Career

Just buying a camera and start clicking images will not make you a successful photographer. Entering in any field without knowing anything, i think it’s a biggest mistake everyone makes right now. So today i am going to give you the 3 tips which will help you in becoming a successful photographer.

So the tip number 1.:

Learn a little bit of Photoshop: Learning a Photoshop at the starting step will help you to get a better understanding about exposure, contrast, saturation, and much more. Plus you will also get to know how to post process the image after clicking it. Not everyone likes the raw photos you take in your camera, so its also better for you to learn a little bit about Photoshop. As it will help you to maintain your image as a photographer, because no one likes a half baked things. So learn Photoshop as it will help you to provide a better quality of image to your clients.

So now the tip number 2.:

Compare Camera before buying: Don’t go on buying camera on someone else recommendation, as they don’t know the purpose & reason of yours for buying a camera. Don’t go on following he hypes too, hey you should buy canon, No No!!! you should go for Nikon, i think you should go for Sony. All are bullshit, so before buying a camera find your purpose. Are your main purpose is photography? Or your main purpose is Videography? And if it’s photography then what type of photography? Is it still photography? Is it motion photography? Or is it something else? So find your purpose, compare the camera function as per that & then buy it.

Now the tip number 3.:

Don’t buy expensive camera: Buying a expensive camera at the starting stage just because of humors in market? Then i think you will be the biggest fool. Buying a camera at the starting stage of your career, will only increase burden of debt on your shoulder. And now i will be frank, you are not going to get work as soon as you buy the camera. And if you thinking of shooting on a auto mode!! then congratulation you can never be a professional photographer. Either you have money or not, start with buying a basic camera and learn about ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, Frame composition, and etc etc stuff. Then earn money though that camera and then go and buy some expensive camera and accessories.

Now the bonus tip.:

Never ever give your camera on rent: Are you thinking of providing a camera on rent to some of your friends & relatives for some dollars? Then don’t do that. Now i will be practical and will let you know what can actually happen. Case no.1 – Your friends are the amateur who doesn’t even know a little bit about a camera & doesn’t even know how to handle a camera. So what you think? What will happen to your camera? Either they will not handle the camera with care, or most worse case the motherboard of camera can be malfunctioned. So while earning a few dollars on one hand, now you have to spend 4x amount on the repair of your camera.

I will be sure to write a more detailed article on why you should not give your camera on rent. Till then stay tuned for more different articles.

-Vivek Maheshwari

Basic Camera’s You Can Buy(This is just my recommendation. Compare Before Buying):

Canon 1500D: https://amzn.to/31KMaWL

Canon 1300D: https://amzn.to/31CA2aa

Nikon D3500: https://amzn.to/2KMPvh1

Nikon D3400: https://amzn.to/2KIEFbJ

Fujifilm X-A5: https://amzn.to/2Z5DL26

Fujifilm X-T100: https://amzn.to/2Kv5h16

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